Vettro Corporation

System Implementation

Vettro Corporation (since acquired by Antenna Software) provides mobile on-demand business applications to field sales and service organizations. Vettro needed a help desk ticket tracker. I evaluated various off-the-shelf Help Desk products and selected Numara's Track-It for purchase as the system that best fit Vettro's need. After installing TrackIt, I customized it to contain categorizations and features useful to Vettro. On the business side, I created processes outlining how IT technicians and users interact with the system.

Spreadsheets and small-scale tracking methods used at the start-up's infancy were becoming unwieldy as the company grew. I was hired to implement systems to organize the IT Department. The ticket tracking system was one such system I tackled. Another was an inventory system that saved thousands of dollars annually by tracking constant internal asset lending of hundreds of mobile devices between sales, engineering, and QA employees.

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