Internet Shutdowns

Resiliency scores by country

(White = No Data)

Recent Internet disruptions in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Burma and Nepal beg the question, “How vulnerable is any country to an Internet access disruption by its government?” This analysis seeks to answer that question by considering both physical internet infrastructure and political attitudes toward internet freedom to create a ‘Network-Political Resiliency’ (NPR) classification for each country.

My role was researching and extracting the datasets of three worldwide political indices and combining that with national network infrastructure metrics to get an overall network-political resiliency (NPR) score. I developed an algorithm to determine the final NPR score for each country by weighting the measures from each dataset and determining categorical cutoff points. Next I visualized the results with Google Fusion Tables. I wrote the below report. My research partner, Saghar Tamaddon, added additional paper sections to a later version of this paper, and she conducted the research for those sections. Together, we created and delivered an oral presentation. This analysis was conducted as part of a Network course at the UC Berkeley School of Information.